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3 Ways Your Website Can Help Your Business

Every small or mid-size business out there either has a website or is wondering why they even need one. A website is the best way to accelerate the growth for your business, bringing in prospects to fill the top of your sales pipeline.

Here are 3 ways you can use your website to get calls and emails from prospects:

  1. Invite people in. If prospects feel at home, and they get to experience your expertise, theywill want to stay connected. Give them an easy way to do that. Put an email subscription form on every page of your website. Make it noticeable, and make it simple. Just add some text to let them know what to expect when they sign up. Once an email address is collected, make sure to keep them updated and make them a part of your community. You can always offer them something of value, to keep them engaged.
  2. Make contact clear. Make it easy for prospects to contact you and be sure the process is painless. Have a phone number on every page of your website along with an email address, so they can submit questions and concerns about your company. Be sure to respond professionally and quickly. Prospects want to give business to the company that makes connecting clear and easy, with no wait or hassle.
  3. Show, don’t tell. Let potential customers see what you have done and what you can provide them. Avoid using fancy buzzwords and hard-to-believe success stories. Put up client quotes and stories for them to reference.

Having a successful website will earn your business a beneficial spot on the Internet and will increase traffic of prospects. With a well-designed, updated, and user friendly website, you’ll be helping your company succeed.

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